30 day pll challenge day 26 - weirdly there isn’t any

So I decided to do one from another 30 day challenge that wasn’t on this list and I picked my ‘love/hate relationship with Alison’

The reason why she is such an annoying person makes it such a great show. Just imagine without her there wouldn’t be as much excitement (you still get all the fucked up shit the liars do on their own such as sleeping with your teacher or turn into a pill-popping addict)!

I don’t actually know if I would be able to like Ali in real life, I feel like she does care about the girls but she’d rather play a game. Maybe Mona was right and it’s possible for a person to be crazy or not know it, or maybe she does know it and Bethany and Alison should’ve switched places in Radley. Who knows.

Here’s some Ali moments which were mostly the ‘hate’ part

There’s some good ones too though but they’re so hard to find and I don’t really know if the good ones were real!

30 day pll challenge day 23 - favourite family


For me it was between Emily’s and Hanna’s because I feel like they don’t keep any secrets from the family members. If Hanna’s dad wasn’t such an asshole or there would’ve been more footage of Ashley and Ted then I might’ve picked Hanna’s family (because Emily’s mom didn’t really accept her being gay at first!) but there hasn’t really been any footage of them as a family and it’s clear that Emily is super close with her family and she loves her parents and they love her.

I failed with Richards doughnuts, they were still raw on the inside so it would be a waste to stuff them. Don’t know why they were still raw though
Toffee caramel was awesome, I just ate it with some raw apples

30 day pll challenge day 21 - Favourite location

I got three

Spencer’s barn,

It all started there for them, Ali’s disappearance and other drama as well. Generally I do like Spencer’s house as a location.

Rosewood high school

Another location I’d pick would be this one because that’s where a big part of the drama occurs, and even a bit of A worries.


But this one is more for all the mysteries it holds because that place creeps me out and I’m not even in there! Just Toby’s mom, Bethany Young and who knows what else, it makes me a bit curious.